I grew up near the ocean and trees in Santa Cruz, semi-feral and soaked the California sun. I studied literature and film at UC Davis and Mills College and have been a lifelong reader of books, watcher of movies, and committed rider/collector of surfboards.

When I'm not shooting and editing weddings, I work as a filmmaker for an instructional design team that creates online courses for UC Santa Cruz.

It's important to put down the camera (sometimes...) so you can also find me in bookstores, surfing or visiting family in Barcelona.

If you're thinking of having a videographer at your wedding I highly recommend Vernon Alexander Films. He was one of the first vendors I booked for my wedding after I had seen the vignette he had done for a friend of mine and absolutely loved it. - Sara,  March 2016

Vernon is awesome... we could not be happier with our wedding video! He captured every moment beautifully and was able to put all the best parts of our wedding into a beautiful 4 minute video (that we will cherish forever). If you are looking for a videographer... Vernon is your guy! He does a great job "hiding"- I felt like I barely saw him and he still captured everything! - Jenna, February 2016

Vernon really went above and beyond to capture the essence of our special day. He listened to our ideas, and incorporated his own artistic side to put together a wedding video for us that we will cherish for years and years. I could not have imagined a better final product, not to mention a better person to work with throughout this process. 5 STARS! Highly recommended! - Stacey, March 2013




What kinds of wedding films do you make?

I like to make wedding films with an eye for cinematic style, using shallow depth of field, camera movement and precise editing. I also use techniques that are experimental and atmospheric, mixing unusually-framed shots and angles, long takes, quick cuts,  black and white footage, voice-overs and slow motion, all which work in consort to create a dream-like impression of your day.  I am completely open to creative ideas or suggestions, as well as filming in the most simple, yet elegant, manner possible.  I also love to incorporate humor and a lot of fun into your films.

I am fully aware that there is a huge demand for your time and attention at your wedding. I want you to enjoy your day and I don't ask you to do much posing or acting. The photographer has most of your time away from the day's proceedings and we film along with them, in between their shots, and while walking along the way between locations. We always defer to the photographer's choice of locations and make sure not to get in the way of the day's flow.

How long are your films?

My wedding films range from around 5 - 30 minutes long. My goal is to tell the story of your day in the most concise and entertaining manner possible. My opinion is that 8 - 12 minutes is the sweet spot for the length of a good wedding film; not too long, not too hurried or rushed.

If you wish to relive all the big moments in their entirety, all of my film packages feature complete documentation of your ceremony/vows, toasts and speeches, uploaded to your own personal, private, online gallery. You also have the option of purchasing individual DVDs & BluRays, as well as all the raw footage (everything we filmed).

What music do you use for your films?

You get to pick out your music, or you let me know what style you like and I pick it out for you. I license all of my music from www.themusicbed.com which has a huge selection of quality music and soundtracks from all genres.

What equipment do you use?

I like to keep a low profile at your wedding and don't get in the way with big cameras. My assistant and I film with a mix of systems, but primarily use Canon's Cinema Series and DSLR cameras, such as the C100 or 1DC (mounted on a Movi M5 stabilizer for dynamic motion shots), as well as the Canon 5D MK II, 7D, 70D, and have used the Panasonic GH4, Sony A7 series, and Black Magic Cinema cameras.  No matter the fanciness of the cameras or if it's filmed in 4K or 1080p, we make sure it's going to look amazing!

Audio is just as important as the image. We use professional recorders, lapel mics (for vows) and shotgun mics mounted on all cameras. We always ask the DJ to patch in to the sound board for the cleanest recordings.

For lighting, I use natural and reflected light but also employ video lights for low-light settings. I promise I am very quick with any artificial lighting and don't want to disrupt or distract you with blinding lights while you are enjoying yourselves.